Step by step


Place the dripper on the drip stand


Fold the paper filter along the seam and place it inside the dripper


Pour boiling water to scald the entire filter and discard this water


Add your favorite ground coffee. Initially, pour enough water to moisten all the coffee and wait 30 seconds.


Pour the rest of the water, wait for the filtration to finish, and enjoy your coffee

Drip Stand

Drip Stand

It has a reservoir to store coffee drips with a capacity of 25 ml, an exclusive SoloUno feature. The base size is ideal for providing stability to the support.


Exclusive extraction system for conical filter 01. Produced in high quality and resistant stainless-steel, resulting in greater durability and better finish. It does not absorb odors. Its fully hollow shape minimizes contact points with the paper filter, allowing a greater flow and faster extraction.


Despite its name, SoloUno can prepare up to 2 cups of coffee. Simply use a small pitcher instead of a cup or mug.


The set includes a pack of 50 Pressca conical paper filters size 01. Made from Japanese cellulose, the Pressca paper filter favors proper filtration, delivering a cleaner and residue-free coffee while not transmitting unwanted flavors or aromas to the drink.

Technical Specifications

Height: 22cm
Width: 14,2cm
Depth: 11,2cm
Weight: 150g

Stand: stainless-steel and plastic resins
Dripper: stainless- steel and BPA-free plastic resins
Filter: 100% cellulose

Frequently asked questions

Can I use regular filters in the dripper?

No. The SoloUno dripper is specifically for the use of conical paper filters size 01.

How many cups can it prepare?

The size 01 dripper prepares up to 2 cups.

Is SoloUno a set?

Yes. SoloUno is a set consisting of 1 Drip Stand + 1 Conical Dripper + 50 conical paper filters size 01.

Is the dripper removable?

Yes. The stand and the dripper are separate parts.

Are the parts dishwasher safe?

No. We recommend washing the parts of the product with water and mild detergent using a soft sponge, and after washing, dry with a soft cloth.

Is the stainless-steel base removable?

Yes. The base is removable for easy cleaning and disposal of coffee residue.

Can I use the drip stand for another method?

Yes. Just make sure to secure and support it well.

Can I customize it?

Yes. For customization, please contact the sales department to inquire about minimum quantities.

What is the ideal recipe for making a good coffee using SoloUno?

For a balanced individual drink, we suggest 12 g of ground coffee for 170 ml of water. For the ideal preparation, never exceed the maximum capacity of 20 g of coffee for 285 ml of water.