Step by step


Add your favorite coffee grind or tea


Add hot water (almost boiling) up to the “MAXIMUM” mark


Allow 2-4 minutes for infusion


Press the plunger gently until it reaches the end


Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea!

Portable Coffee Maker

Portable Coffee Maker

When it comes to taking your coffee’s flavor everywhere, size and weight are key factors. Our Coffee Maker is designed to be the smallest, lightest, and most versatile coffee maker on the market. Besides, it has an efficient thermal insulation system to keep your drink warm for much longer.
A variety of flavors

A variety of flavors

With the Portable Coffee Maker, you have multiple possibilities to get the most of any infusion drink. Try different brewing times, vary the temperature and the amount of water, and explore the diversity of grains, leaves, flowers, and herbs. There are many flavors for you to discover in one product.


No need of paper filters, as it has a fully reusable metal filter. Besides, when drinking the coffee directly from the coffee maker, there is no need to use disposable cups. Free of BPA and heavy metals. Eco-friendly and reusable, helps you cut down on daily waste and save the environment!

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 11,83 oz (serves up to 2 medium mugs or 5 small cups)
  • Size: 9 x 9 x 22 cm
  • Weight: 350g
  • Produced in material suitable for the preparation and storage of food and beverages (non-toxic and BPA free)  
  • Composition: plastic resins, silicone, and stainless-steel screen
  • Efficient thermal insulation system that keeps your drink warm for up to 30 minutes


Frequently asked questions


The product is fully guaranteed against any manufacturing defects within 90 (ninety) days from the date of issue of the purchase invoice. This warranty shall be extinguished if the following occurs:
a) If the defect is caused by misuse and non-compliance with the recommendations of the product user’s manual.
b) If the product suffers any damage caused by accidents or fall.

I'm pressing too hard to brew my coffee

There's something wrong. Pressca Portable Coffee Maker was designed to be easy to handle.  Check out if you are respecting the following procedures:

- Make sure you opened the lid before pressing the plunger.

- Allow some minutes after pouring water over the coffee. The grounds in suspension in the water make it hard to push the plunger.   We recommend 2-4 minutes.

- If it is still hard to press, it may be coffee grounds blocking the filter. Pull the plunger slightly up and insert it again.
Repeating this will make it easier to press.

- You may also apply a slight twist in any direction while pressing the plunger.

- If it is still hard to press, try to slightly tap the coffee maker on the table.  This will help settle the coffee grounds and unblock the filter, making the plunger function gently.

- Check if the plunger sealing ring is well fitted and aligned at the bottom of the plunger.    Otherwise, you may have to press too hard and coffee may leak.

- Have you checked if the filter is firmly tightened on the plunger?  If not, you will press too hard and may break the filter
and release the sealing ring.

My coffee is leaking at the body base

This should not happen. To avoid it, always check if the body base, where the dregs are disposed of, is firmly tightened. It is essential that it is well threaded. Otherwise, your coffee may leak while pressing the plunger.

The sealing ring is still “hard”

During first uses, the sealing ring of the plunger is still hard, and pressing the plunger can be difficult. In a short time, it softens and gets ideal for brewing.
We recommend that the ring is washed with water and little mild soap or detergent. The natural oils of coffee are important for the lubrication of the sealing ring, and make the plunger handling easier.

There is coffee between the body and the plunger

You probably poured more water than the maximum limit suggested.
Make sure you have inserted the plunger at a right angle. If it is inserted tilted, it is possible that it causes the problem. Totally remove the plunger by pulling it upwards and press it again so that all liquid remains only inside the plunger.

Which material is the Coffee Maker made of?

The Pressca Portable Coffee Maker is produced in a material suitable for the preparation and storage of food and drinks.

It consists of plastic resins, silicone, and stainless-steel screen. Our material is non-toxic, 100% free of BPA (toxic substance found in polycarbonates to give malleability to plastics when in contact with heat).

Can I use any type of ground coffee?

Our Coffee Maker allows the use of different types of grinds. However, fine grind coffee, although it can be used, ends up leaving more sediment in the coffee – because there is no paper filter. Therefore, we recommend the use of coarser grinds.

How much ground coffee should I use?

We recommend using 7.5g of ground coffee (about a tablespoon) for 200ml of drink and 15g (two tablespoons) for 350ml of drink.

The plunger on my Coffee Maker doesn't go all the way, is it normal?

Yes! This space was designed to be more practical to remove coffee grounds, and easier to clean your coffee maker. But don't worry: respecting the “maximum” limit indicated on the inside, it will not leak.

Are there spare parts?

Yes, all spare parts are available at

I can't keep the plunger in the coffee maker. What's wrong?

When dry, the sealing ring tends to stick to the wall of the coffee maker, so we recommend not keeping the plunger inside the cup. If it gets stuck, pull it out by screwing it or applying a little oil to make it easier. Always store the plunger and the body separately to preserve the life of your coffee maker.