Thermal protection

Thermal protection

The silicone glove that wraps the cup, with a soft touch and thermal protection, prevents from burning your fingers.


Its high strength accepts large temperature differences. Suitable for dishwasher and microwave.


For daily use, reusable, less use of disposable cups.

Technical Specifications

Espresso Cup - Small cup: 50ml/1.69oz 
Coffee Cup - Medium cup: 150ml/5oz

Espresso Cup - Small cup: 109g
Coffee Cup - Medium cup: 220g

Espresso Cup - Small cup: 6.5 cm (height)
Coffee Cup - Medium cup: 8 cm (height)

porcelain and silicone

Frequently asked questions

Is the cup thermal?

No. But the drink stays hot for longer compared to other materials such as plastic cups or thin glasses.

What is the size and capacity of the cups?

Small – 6.5cm high with a capacity of 50ml/1.69oz.
Medium - 8cm high with a capacity of 150ml/5oz.

Is it suitable for use in the microwave?

Yes, porcelain and silicone are produced at high temperatures and withstand heat.

What is the silicone glove for?

The glove serves as a thermal protection for the fingers and to give more security when holding the cup, as it prevents slipping.