Step by step


Add the amount of milk you want to steam.


Position the milk pitcher correctly on the steam wand.


Release the steam until the desired consistency is achieved.


Make circular movements to homogenize the steamed milk.


Pour the steamed milk to prepare the drink.



Made of high-quality stainless steel, which provides an excellent finish and great durability. Its slightly conical body and rounded bottom facilitate the steaming and homogenization of the milk.
More precise drawings

More precise drawings

The spout is dimensioned for more precision in pouring milk. The handle is designed to facilitate grip and allow handling directly by the body. (Temperature perception and greater firmness).
Mini Pitcher

Mini Pitcher

Stainless steel pitcher to prepare hot and cold drinks. Capacity of 3,38 oz.

Technical Specifications



3,38 oz (100)

Height: 5 cm

Length: 9 cm

Width: 5 cm

Weight: 56 g

Capacity: 3,38 oz


11,83 oz (350)

Height: 9 cm

Length: 12 cm

Width:  8 cm

Weight: 150g

Capacity: 11,83 oz


20,28ml (600)

Height: 11cm

Length: 15cm

Width: 9 cm

Weight: 225g

Capacity: 20,28 oz