Step by step


Place the dripper over the decanter


Fold the paper filter along the seams and place it inside the conical dripper


Pour boiling water to scald the entire filter and discard this water


Add your favorite ground coffee. Initially pour enough water to moisten all the coffee and wait 30 seconds


Slowly pour more water, wait for the filtration to finish and enjoy your coffee

Easy extraction

Easy extraction

Conical stainless-steel dripper: produced in high quality and resistant stainless-steel, resulting in greater durability and better finish. Its fully hollow shape minimizes contact points with the paper filter, allowing a greater flow and faster extraction.
Design and comfort

Design and comfort

The dripper´s plastic resin finish makes a perfect match with the decanter sleeve. The anatomical sleeve provides greater comfort and safety when mixing and serving coffee, in addition to protecting your hand from the heat of the decanter.
High temperature resistant glass

High temperature resistant glass

Produced in heat-resistant borosilicate glass. With a capacity of 20.08oz, fits up to five 4.05oz-cups of coffee. The measures on the coffee pot make it easier to prepare a recipe, with no needs of a scale.

Technical Specifications

Height - 7,08”  |  Diameter - 5.12”
Weight: 10.93oz
Capacity: 20oz

Decanter: borosilicate glass
Sleeve: plastic resin
Dripper: stainless steel and BPA-free plastic resin

Frequently asked questions

Can I expose the decanter directly to open flames?

No. The borosilicate glass is resistant to high temperatures, but should not be exposed to flames or other heat sources such as ovens, electric stove or induction cooker.

Can I use the decanter in the microwave oven?

Yes, but be sure to take all necessary precautions regarding handling hot liquids.

Can I wash the pieces of my Fluire Coffee Set in the dishwasher?

No. We recommend that the parts of the product be washed with water and neutral detergent using a soft sponge, and after washing, dried with soft cloth.

WARNING: Never use abrasive products to clean the product at the risk of permanently damaging it.

Can I use the dripper in another coffee pot or decanter?

Yes, just make sure the dripper is well supported and secure.

What is the ideal recipe for preparing a good coffee?

For a balanced drink, use 20g of ground coffee for 9.6oz (285ml) of water.

What is the decanter's capacity?

The nominal capacity of the decanter is 20oz (600ml).

Can I use conventional paper filters 102 or 103 in the dripper?

No, the dripper of the Fluire Kit was developed for specific use of conical paper filters 02.