Step by step


Fold the paper filter along the seams and place it inside the conical dripper


Pour boiling water to scald the entire filter and discard this water


Add your favorite ground coffee


Initially pour enough water to moisten all the coffee and wait 30 seconds


Slowly pour more water, wait for the filtration to finish, and enjoy your coffee



Tests carried out with renowned baristas and trained tasters, showed an excellent performance of the filters. In these tests, the filters enhanced some attributes, such as the acidity and sweetness of the coffee.


Produced in Japanese pulp, the Pressca paper filter produces a sediment-free, flavorful coffee, without residues or unwanted flavors and aromas.


The filters underwent functional tests in a test lab in accordance with ABNT - ISO/IEC 17025 and, following the current NBR and RDC established for this type of product, were approved in all requirements.


The flow of the paper filter is of great importance to provide a perfect extraction. The cellulose of Pressca filters was developed to have an adequate flow for filtering coffee, allowing that variations in grinding and temperature give excellent results in the beverage.

Technical Specifications

Available in sizes:
01 – Makes 1 to 2 cups
02 – Makes 1 to 4 cups

Pack of 50 units each

01 - 10.5 x 11 cm
02 - 13 x 13.5 cm

100% Japanese Cellulose

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the Pressca conical filter in any dripper?

No, the Pressca conical filter must only be used in conical drippers.

How do I know which size to use to prepare my coffee?

We recommend using filter 01 to brew 1 to 2 cups and filter 02 to brew 1 to 4 cups.

What is the ideal recipe to prepare a good coffee?

There is no ideal recipe for brewing coffee, it depends on each person's taste, but we recommend using 20g ground coffee for 285ml water to prepare a drink that most people like.