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We started with the objective of bringing an evolution for coffee lovers and infusion drink lovers. Our business strategy was to develop accessible solutions, with products that provide a pleasant, simple and practical experience. With exclusive systems, unique design and innovation, our products have become desired by everyone looking to explore new flavors, anytime and anywhere. Thus, today we take our essence and our love for coffee to all of Brazil and countries in South America, Central America and Europe.


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We are a Brazilian industry. All our products are developed through a rigorous process, which ensures that they are a reference in design and quality. Our product range allows an experience in the universe of coffees and teas, for both beginners and professionals.


Customizable Boxes

With our Customizable Boxes, you can assemble your kit with Pressca products!

There are six models available, where you can add a coffee or tea of your choice and offer a complete experience.

The boxes are produced in rigid plastic (thus being more resistant) and can have your company logo, with high definition printing.

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Customizable Placemats

Ideal for tables and trays, the placemats are a great customized option to decorate your cafeteria!

There are four models available in sizes 27x40.5cm and 20x27cm, with interactive and informative content.

The placemats are produced in 0.3mm laminated polypropylene and can have your company logo, with high definition printing. 

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