About us

About us

We began through the development of our first product, the Pressca Portable Coffee Maker, a method with an exclusive system that allows preparing the best coffee anywhere, quickly, easily, and without the need for disposable filters.


Developed and manufactured by Naxos, a Brazilian industry present in the market since 2002, the project had years of research until the creation of the first functional unit of the product. It came to make life easier for so many coffee lovers who go for convenience and portability in the preparation and consumption of their drink.

The Coffee Maker was launched on the market in 2016 and, over time, was well accepted, due to its proposal: your own coffee, with a diversity of flavors, your way, anywhere.

Over the years and with our simple, practical, and modern essence, we are not an only product anymore, but have become a brand that provides affordable and innovative solutions for the coffee and infusion drinks market.

We have expanded our product line, offering a unique and simple experience with coffee to the most demanding consumers and customers.

Currently, our brand is marketed throughout Brazil, as well as other countries in South America, Central America, and Europe. And with the forecast of developing new products to bring even more novelties to this constantly growing market.


Naxos is committed to meeting the expectations of its customers and consumers, with products for domestic or professional use, seeking continuous improvement of its Quality Management System.It aims at the growth and profitability of the business, seeking qualified suppliers and training and developing its employees to achieve the Organization's objectives, through teamwork, in a clean, organized, safe, transparent and participatory environment.